[ri-fahynd shoog-er stoo-dee-oh], – verb, noun, place and object. Cincinnati’s sculpture and design studio, founded by Sculptor Matt Kotlarczyk in 2007. Presenting limited edition and one-of-a kind works of contemporary design by refining ordinary, found and scavenged objects. Making the world a sweeter place to live.

def (1): Refined. freed from impurities and original intent Refined Sugar Studio focuses on refining reclaimed and found objects into contemporary designs.

def (2): Sugar. an essential structure and source of energy from a studio that creates limited editions and one-of-a kind objects for lighting, seating and serving.

def (3): Studio. the workroom or atelier of an artist, as a painter or sculptor.

def (4): Sweet designs for living. giving precious objects a new life and creating sweet designs to live by.